Friday One Sheet: SHE'S MINE NOW

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Friday One Sheet: SHE'S MINE NOW

Here is a handsome, minimalist, poster. Was it Godard who said, "All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun"? Clearly, he overlooked the cute little purse dog, and besides: domestic animals are good for one's mental health. Either way, we have this lovely, lemon-hued design from German designer Eileen Steinbach for She's Mine Now, a short film by Dalton Okolo.

The film itself involves an assassin who 'inherits' the puppy from one of her hits.

The key art presents itself in three layers: the chunky-light Serif typography of the title in warm-white, the lead character in black silhouette, forms the letter O with her head, and the doggo (in the same shade of white) is halo'd by her long formal dress.

All of this is packaged in a matted "Polaroid' style frame with a centered and bolded credit block. There is a black tagline at the top, which is the only element here that feels superfluous in an otherwise perfectly flowing, and delightfully balanced design.


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