Friday One Sheet: CHOROKBAM

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Friday One Sheet: CHOROKBAM

Is the man smoking a cigarette while his ride waits, or is he about to be hit by a moving vehicle?

This festival poster, designed by the director of the film, Yoon Seo-jin, for the Busan International Film Festival, captures so much of the essence of his film in one image: turned on its side. Chorokbam (초록밤, aka Green Night) is a movie of still moments, the banality of the middle-class suburban existence, as well as the conflict between money and hope.

Above all, it is a master class in shooting the frame in reflections and glass things just out of sight. Note how the green text pushes out of frame, is balanced on all sides, and still lets the central tableaux breathe.

Equally so, the film excels in show-don't-tell slow-cinema, and how one man disengages from his family by having a private smoke. Pictured here. Go see this film if you get the chance.


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