THE PASSENGER (La pasajera) Red Band Trailer

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THE PASSENGER (La pasajera) Red Band Trailer
Darkstar Pictures and Bloody Disgusting are releasing Raúl Cerez and Fernando González Gómez's ride share horror The Passenger (La pasajera) in cinemas on June 3rd and On Demand and Digital on June 28th. 
A group of strangers sharing a ride have their trip interrupted when the driver hits a woman hiking in the dark of night. They decide to help her, but quickly learn that something is wrong and that they shouldn’t have let her in at all. 
The red band trailer was just released today. This is good not only because red band trailers are typically more extreme but it gives you an idea of what directors Raúl Cerez and Fernando González Gómez were able to pull off with the in camera effects. 
Have a look for yourself. 
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