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The glorious hygge of the poster for Werewolves Within cannot be understated. This upcoming horror comedy, which is loosely (very loosely?) based on the Ubisoft video game eschews (thankfully) the standard 'silhouette of an evil face' photoshopped in the background of a dark woods or house. Or a transforming face against a full moon. 

Instead, it is all texture of photographed yarn, cute craft basket, and a 'stake' through the chest (with stuffing popping out).  The coy tagline, and 'curious off' kerning of the Hoefler-esque font used in the title, mix the comedy and the horror right in the typesetting -- intentional in the former, but the latter? A happy accident, perhaps?

Either way, you cannot help but love the central 'wolf-craft who is sporting a yellow scarf, rosy cheeks, and a fun smile. This wolf-in-cute-clothing (even the two protruding teeth are charming) underscores the hidden beast structure of The Thing that I believe the film is going for, along with its self-professed Mister Rogers with guns (see the trailer) community.

Horror comedy is really difficult to achieve the magic balance of both, but clearly the marketing team have nailed it ( it) here. Based on this poster alone, this film is one I'm excited for when it releases this summer.


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