Shudder in February: THE DARK AND THE WICKED, A NIGHTMARE WAKES And Joe Bob Saves Valentine's Day!

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The season of love is coming! Shudder is looking to rekindle our love of horror this February. 
In place of flowers and chocolate there will be a new premiere every week: A Nightmare Wakes, After Midnight, Shook and The Dark and the Wicked. Joe Bob Briggs will return with a new Last Drive-In Valentine's special right before the day. 
There are also a lot of really great horror flicks coming next month. There is the original Queen of Black Magic, Nic Cage in Vampire's Kiss, Elle Callahan's very cool indie flick Head Count, Giallo flick The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, horror comedy Basket Case, and Miike's One Missed Call
Check out the gallery below for all the films and series rolling out next month!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but there’s no shortage of new horror next month on Shudder. Members can look forward to a new Original/Exclusive premiere every week (A Nightmare Wakes, After Midnight, Shook and The Dark and the Wicked), a new Last Drive-In Valentine’s special, new episodes of A Discovery of Witches every Saturday and a bevy of additions to the Shudder library among them the original The Queen of Black Magic (to pair with Shudder’s reboot premiering on January 28), Nicholas Cage favorite Vampire’s Kiss and ‘70s cult classics like Audrey Rose, Psychomania and The Ninth Configuration.

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