Friday One Sheet: DIE HARD

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Friday One Sheet: DIE HARD

Because we cannot come down to the coast, get together and have a few laughs, ahem 2020. Because along with It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, Die Hard has become an American holiday traditional Christmas movie. Because designer Paul Butcher has simply knocked things out of the ballpark here with this hand-rendered take on such a, paradoxically, memorable and overlooked scene from the 1988 action classic.  

The devil is certainly in the details: The 'corporate fluorescent' colour palette, the graffiti title card, with credit block in perspective on the ceramic tiles. The paper towels and blood soaked construction blueprints and detritus. This is particularly so in a movie with so much explosions, fire and mayhem. To take a quieter scene, even one as wince-worthy as this, only adds to the warm feelings I got when I first saw this poster surface online last week. 

Kudos. Happy Holidays. Yippie Ki Yay. We will all meet again in 2021. 


(Post Script:  For those of you white-knuckling the stress, confusion, and ahem, turbulence, of the pandemic-tinged holiday season, remember, "Fists with your toes. Fists with your toes...")

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