Friday One Sheet: SUSPIRIA And Watercolour Nightmares

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
Friday One Sheet: SUSPIRIA And Watercolour Nightmares

Our poster column is more or less on hold while the Toronto International Film Festival takes over the city for the next ten days, but I wanted to quickly highlight Tony Stella's watercolour terror of a poster for the remake of Suspiria, which had its big debut at Venice earlier this week. (Read Thomas Humphry's wonderful review here.)

Much like the remake, the poster eschews the neon-rainbow palette from the Dario Argento classic, for a more muted, arthouse hallucination. With an authority figure dominating and gesturing from the centre progressing to vague undefined strangeness, just outside the frame.

(Also, is that food or sex, or an unmatched ballet slipper on the table? It is up to you to make something of it.)

The world needs more hand-painted posters. This one is a keeper.


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