Friday One Sheet: SUSPIRIA In Design

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Friday One Sheet:  SUSPIRIA In Design

Back to the exceptional key art campaign for Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake. For me, this 3 colour 'design 101' minimal poster, and its colour shuffled variant, evoke the iconic poster for Andrej Zulawski's Possession. I mean, not obviously, of course, and in an industrial, more totemic, way than the naked horror of the Polish poster design, but for whatever reason, that was the immediate response I got when seeing it pop up in my poster feed earlier this week.

Design house La Boca (who did similar work with 'female hysteria' cinema, in Black Swan, and curiously, Coca Cola) have a way with clean, non-photographic iconography that plays well with remaking an iconic bit of cinema. If you recall, the Darren Aronfsky ballet drama/horror was close to a remake of The Red Shoes.


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