Have Your Say: What (Or Who) Is Your Favorite Zombie?

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Have Your Say: What (Or Who) Is Your Favorite Zombie?
It's now almost two weeks ago that I saw the Japanese zombie film I Am A Hero, a movie which surprised me by being unexpectedly awesome. In my review, I said that most zombie films feature a "hero zombie", one which is harder to kill or is just a tad different from the rest. And as well-known examples I mentioned Bub in Day of the Dead and "Tar Man" in Return of the Living Dead.

But with decades of zombie films behind us, and a very successful multi-season television series even, there sure are plenty of other hero zombies. Which brings me to our question of the week: what is your most favorite zombie? It can be from a good film or an excruciatingly bad one, that doesn't matter, but which of the undead kept sticking in your mind?

Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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