Have Your Say: Will You Go See THE HATEFUL EIGHT On 70MM, Or 4K, Or 42 Inch?

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Have Your Say: Will You Go See THE HATEFUL EIGHT On 70MM, Or 4K, Or 42 Inch?
In a few weeks we can all go watch Quentin Tarantino's new western The Hateful Eight. And the director has a famously strong opinion on HOW you should go watch it: on the biggest possible screen, and specifically projected using a 70mm print run through a projector, with none of that inferior 4K beamer shit.

I've seen 70mm films in the past and thought they looked astonishing. I'm also a big fan of (true) IMAX. But to be honest I've also recently seen plenty of great digital projections as well, and have had plenty of awful experiences with 35mm in Dutch cinemas in the past. And these days, you may need good luck finding a cinema where they still know how to operate the old hardware properly, as Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix discovered.

So our question of the week is: if you plan on seeing The Hateful Eight, will you be making some effort to catch it on 70mm, or will you regretfully not be able to do so, or don't you give a damn about technical formats anyway?

Share your opinion in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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