Pretty Packaging: The SIN CITY ULTIMATE KILLER EDITION May Corrupt Your Soul

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(Crime and grime get a nice package...)

It's hard to think of titles which would fit the idea of disc pimping more than Sin City and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. Frank Miller's fun and exaggerated graphic novel take on Film Noir made waves back in the nineties when it was first released, and Robert Rodriguez' two film versions have accurately captured the corrupt atmosphere in them, with its copious amounts of monochrome sex and violence.

Well, and its darkness, rain, smoke, booze, players, bent cops, strippers, pimps, hookers, killers, killed hookers, hooker killers and killer hookers.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment UK Ltd. (phew, mouthful...) has now released a tremendously pimped Blu-ray boxset containing both films, at a very fair price. Sin City is included both in its theatrical cut and its longer and re-arranged Director's Cut, while A Dame to Kill For is there in both the 3D and the 2D version.

This release focuses on bling rather than depth, with plenty of physical extras. It is very nicely packaged though, so check the gallery of slides below for a look! Click on the edge of the images to go to the next slide, or in the center to get a bigger version.

Oh, and some of the images do contain some NSFW material. Shocking, I know...

And here it is: a big heavy cardboard box in black, white and red. As it should.

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