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OK. So, i know people in the USA loved "Shaun of the Dead" and "Spaced". I also know there's a certian amount of positive response to "The Office" from more discerning comedy fans. Here in the UK, "The Office" is probably the most noteable comedy for years : sure we get pretty good stuff all the time, infact we're probably spoilt for substantial comedy compared to other countries. I just don't like wise-cracking american comedy much, you see. Personal Preference.

Anyhow. Ricky Gervais has recently done a childrens book (bought mostly by adults) called "Flanimals", a second live DVD called "Politics" (after the first, "Animals"). Also, "The Office Xmas Specials" is out now too. See an exclusive Interview here. See a review of "Politics" (with clips!) here. See a review of the Xmas specials here. A review of "The Office" season one, here.

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