CHEAP THRILLS And BUSHIDO MAN Join First Wave Of Titles From Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival!

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CHEAP THRILLS And BUSHIDO MAN Join First Wave Of Titles From Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival!
First off, the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival is only in its second year but by golly would any established film festival be happy to have a superb poster like theirs. Golly, that is purdy. Second, it also boasts a pretty good first wave of titles for this year's festival including festival circuit favorites Cheap Thrills, Confession of Murder and Bushido Man. Then to top it all off there will be a retrospective of films written by scribe Dan O'Bannon - all on 35mm print - including Alien, Heavy Metal and Lifeforce. The residents of Ithaca, New York, will be a happy lot this November!

The 2nd annual Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival- November 13-17; 2013

The Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival is returning to Cinemapolis, and Cornell Cinema in Ithaca, NY this November, and is going to be bigger, and better than before.

The IIFFF has grown to a 5-day-long film festival this year, and will offer a more fully developed experience of fantastic film culture for genre fans from all walks of life.  From an homage series, to our fantastic film competition, to special concerts and parties, there is sure to be something for everyone. This year's retrospective of 35mm prints is dedicated to the seldom thought-of scifi screenwriter and tour de force, Dan O'Bannon. Best know for penning the screenplay for the original Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979), O'Bannon brought the old monsters back from the dead and anchored them in the post-1968, more realistic horror era. Dan O'Bannon: Re-Thinking the monsters will showcase 6 films, including Dead and Buried (Gary Sherman, 1981), Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979) and Lifeforce (Tobe Hooper, 1985).  The roster for our international competition has been beefed up to 9 unreleased fantastic and genre films, in addition to the always-popular international shorts competition.  A bigger fest this year also means bringing our audience more of what made last year such a blast; more midnight, and special screenings, and our Fantastic Documentary series will continue to play a major role in the program. 

First wave of movies include:

Cheap Thrills - E.L. Katz 2013; USA  
LFO: The movie - Antonio Tublen 2013; Sweden/Denmark
Confession of Murder - Byeong-gil Jeong 2012; South Korea
Demon's Rook - James Sizemore 2013; USA
Bushido Man - Takanori Tsujimoto 2013; Japan
I'm Divine - Jeffrey Schwarz 2013; USA

Full Retrospective on 35mm print include:

Alien - Ridley Scott 1979
Dead & Buried - Gary Sherman 1981
Invaders from Mars - Tobe Hooper 1986
Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981
Lifeforce - Tobe Hooper 1985
The Return of the Living Dead - Dan O'Bannon 1985

The IIFFF will proudly present on Friday, November 15 at Cornell Cinema a cine-concert on Rene Clair's early short films Entr'act and Paris Asleep with an original score from Tzar (Willie B and Michael Stark/
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