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Coming Soon on Criterion: EYIMOFE (THIS IS MY DESIRE) Leads April Releases

'Walker,' The Girl Can't Help It,' 'Miracle in Milan,' 'Round Midnight' and 'For All Mankind' also will be unleashed.

Now on Blu-ray: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, Turn Left at Greenland

John, Paul, George and Ringo star in a fictional documentary, directed by Richard Lester, that became a classic. Now available on 4K Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

A BANQUET Trailer Serves Up Tantalizing, Unnerving Thrills

'She didn't eat ... this gnawed at her mother.' From watching the new trailer for A Banquet, I am seized with a sense of unease and uncertainty which, as it happens, are usually good indicators for something good on the...

Exclusive SENSATION Clip: Telephone Call Prompts Surprising Action

Eugene Simon and Emily Wyatt star in the sci-fi thriller, directed by Martin Grof.

Opening This Week: AN EXQUISITE MEAL, Playful Nightmare, SENSATION, Superhuman DNA Thriller, JOCKEY Rides Onward

Dark thrills, smart thrills, and Clifton Collins Jr are showcased in new films.

HELP Trailer Shows Why Unexpected Guests Can Cause Chaos

Old friends, an unexpected guest, and sounds of violence in the night are good ingredients for an intriguing psychological thriller. Written and directed by Blake Ridder, Help contains the aforementioned ingredients, which are showcased nicely in a new trailer. Louis...

Book Review: YOU'VE GOT RED ON YOU, The Boy Director Who Would Become King, of The Horror Comedy

This is the story of a boy and his movie. Well, truly this is the story of a young man who looked seriously too young to be directing his next feature film.    Author Clark Collis chronicles the journey of...

Now Streaming: THE TOWER, Suspense Mounts As Tensions Rise

Gemma Whelan and Jimmy Akingbola star in a gripping crime-thriller, now streaming on BritBox.


Two new series and a returning show debuted this week on BritBox, Hulu and Paramount Plus.

Review: THE FEAST, Astonishingly Elegant Folk Horror

Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts and Julian Lewis Jones star in a Welsh horror movie, directed by Lee Haven Jones, opening November 19 in theaters and Digital / VOD.

Review: THE POWER OF THE DOG Simmers with Anger, Love, and Jealousy on the Waning Frontier

Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, and Jesse Plemons star in Jane Campion's Montana-set Western.

Review: THE PEBBLE AND THE BOY, Mods Make the Man

Patrick McNamee, Sacha Parkinson, and Patsy Kensit star in a charged, reflective drama, directed by Chris Green.

Exclusive: REYKA Trailer and Photos Announce Terrifying Crime Thriller

Kim Engelbrecht and Iain Glen star in a gripping series that debuts Monday, November 16, on BritBox in Canada.

Review: SPENCER, Pablo Lorrain Balances Formalist Approach with Humanism

Kristen Stewart stars in yet another major film from director Pablo Larrain, a modern master in cinema. Do not miss seeing the film on the big screen.

Now Streaming: THE LONG CALL, Murder By the Sea

Ben Aldrich stars in a gripping new crime-drama series, now streaming on BritBox North America.

Review: LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, Glorious Dreams, Fractured Nightmares

Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith star in a new film by director Edgar Wright.

Review: THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN, The Man Who Loved Cat Painting

Benedict Cumberbatch, Claire Foy, and Andrea Riseborough star in a historical biography, directed by Will Sharpe.

First Look: THE LONG CALL Trailer, Riveting Rural Crime Drama

Ben Aldridge stars in a gripping series, launching soon on the BritBox streaming service in North America.

Review: NO TIME TO DIE, Daniel Craig Exits Stage Left

No Time To Die concludes Daniel Craig’s muscularly intense, emotionally dense interpretation of James Bond. That’s certainly a plus for Bond fans who’ve enjoyed this particular version of Bond, who receive an interlocked, series-spanning narrative rather than the standalone one-offs...

New York 2021 Review: THE SOUVENIR PART II, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Honor Swinton Byrne stars in a marvelously inventive, self-effacing film, directed by Joanna Hogg, that is also immensely affecting and moving.