INVITATION TO A MURDER Trailer: We'll Probably All Die

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INVITATION TO A MURDER Trailer: We'll Probably All Die

The trailer just dropped for Invitation to a Murder and it looks sprightly and, dare I say it, fun.

Set in the 1930s, the murder mystery stars Mischa Barton, who, we must remember, was born in London long before she became a teen star on U.S. television (The O.C.). She plays Miranda Green, who is summoned to a remote mansion belonging to a mysterious billionaire, which begs the question, did they have those in the 1930s? Not many, I wager.

Surrounded by five strangers, murder most foul occurs, and Miranda must put on her amateur detective hat to solve the case and avoid being killed herself. Chris Browning, Seamus Dever and Bianca Santos also star.

Invitation to a Murder will be available April 25 on Digital and On Demand from Lionsgate. Check out the trailer below.

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