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Locarno 2022 Review: NIGHTSIREN, Witch Hunts in the Modern Day

Natalia Germani stars in a bewitching mystery from Eastern Europe, directed by Tereza Nvotová.

Locarno 2022 Review: RULE 34, The Body As a Political Instrument

Lucas Andrade and Julia Bernat star in a prize-winning drama (aka 'Regra 34') from Brazil, directed by Julia Murat.

Locarno 2022 Review: ASTRAKAN, Social Allegory Disguised As Coming-of-Age Tale

In his feature-length debut, French filmmaker David Depesseville explores the strangeness and confusion of growing up during the prepubescent period. Astrakan revolves around a 12-year-old orphan named Samuel. Eventually, he ends up living with Marie and Clément, a young couple...

Locarno 2022 Review: In FAIRYTALE, Alexander Sokurov Revives Tyrants

Sokurov's disturbing and comical deepfake film is a cross-over between 'Dante's Inferno' and Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot; with the artistic sensitivity of Goya's tableaux.

Locarno 2022 Review: BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND Embraces Tired Tropes, Then Reenergizes Them

From Canada comes director Trevor Anderson's coming-of-age comedy, starring Vaughan Murrae.

Locarno 2022 Review: MEDUSA DELUXE, Single-Shot Murder Mystery Looks Dazzling

The feature-length debut by Tom Hardiman delivers a cross-over between Agatha Christie and Gaspar Noé in a single-shot murder mystery.