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Locarno 2018 Review: #FEMALE PLEASURE Confronts Patriarchalism One Religion At a Time

Swiss filmmaker Barbara Miller uses the female body as a key to unlock inherent sexism in contemporary society that has been transplanted from religion.

Locarno 2018 Review: A LAND IMAGINED, a Bleak Realist Drama in Punk Neo-Noir Clothing

The Golden Leopard-winning film re-imagines a social realism drama as a neo-noir thriller.

Locarno 2018 Review: GENESIS, a Superior, Authentic, Heartbreaking Coming-of-Age Drama

Philippe Lesage delivers an unnerving portrait of first loves and desires and their heartbreaking aftermath in a poignant drama.

Locarno 2018 Review: M Exposes a Harrowing Spiral of Abuse With a Touching Personal Story

Director Yoalnde Zauberman investigates a shocking, albeit rampant issue in a cloistered community of Orthodox Jews in her latest documentary.

Locarno 2018 Review: Grief and Past Yield Transformative Experience in A FAMILY SUBMERGED

María Alché´s debut feature has a spellbinding and palpable effect turning the viewing experience into lucid dreaming

Locarno 2018 Review: DIANE, Humane and Melancholic Drama About Aging and Mortality

Kent Jones, an American documentary filmmaker and director of the New York Film Festival, who is also behind the bio-doc Hitchcock/Truffaut and the documentary A Letter to Elia, which he co-directed with Martin Scorcese, makes a move to fiction filmmaking. Diane, executive...

Locarno 2018 Review: ALICE T., Romanian Cinema in Reinvention

Contemporary Romanian cinema has established its steady presence in world cinema after the new wave boom. New talent emerged this year at Berlinale, where Ioana Uricaru introduced Lemonade, while experienced filmmaker Radu Jude netted the top honor at this year's...

Locarno 2018 Preview: The Largest Swiss Film Gathering Readies Smorgasbord of Arthouse Offerings

Locarno Film Festival unveils line-up for its 71st edition

Locarno 2018: Bruno Dumont's LI'L QUINQUIN Season 2, COINCOIN AND THE EXTRA HUMANS, to Debut at Swiss Festival

Watch the trailer for Bruno Dumont's sequel miniseries.