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Sitges 2018 Review: KEEP AN EYE OUT, Another Funny, Crazy And Worthy Film By Quentin Dupieux

The first scene of Keep an Eye Out, another crazy film by France’s Quentin Dupieux, evokes that memorable speech from Rubber about how all the great films have stuff with "no reason" to be. That’s because in said sequence, we...

RUBBER Director Returns With KEEP AN EYE OUT

Rubber helmer Quentin Dupieux has returned to French cinemas with his latest effort Keep An Eye Out (Au Poste) and it would appear he's got a bit of a hit on his hands with over a hundred thousand admissions in...

La Rochelle 2018 Trailer: French Absurdist Quentin Dupieux Returns With Black Comedy AU POSTE!

The cult filmmaker is back in the absurdist saddle with a meta-trailer for his upcoming feature.