RUBBER Director Returns With KEEP AN EYE OUT

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RUBBER Director Returns With KEEP AN EYE OUT

Rubber helmer Quentin Dupieux has returned to French cinemas with his latest effort Keep An Eye Out (Au Poste) and it would appear he's got a bit of a hit on his hands with over a hundred thousand admissions in its first week.

Louis just found the corpse of a man in front of his apartment building. Taken in for custody by Captain Buron, he nds himself on the wrong end of a surreal interrogation. But how can you prove you are innocent when the cops are crazy?

Benoit Poelvoorde and Gregoire Ludig star in what appears to be - as is the case with all of Dupieux's work - a deeply absurd comedy. A pair of subtitled teasers have just arrived to give a taste to the non-French speakers amongst us. Check them out below.

AU POSTE_teaser_WALL (Keep An Eye Out) from WTFilms on Vimeo.

AU POSTE Teaser OYSTER (Keep An Eye Out) from WTFilms on Vimeo.

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