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New York 2022 Review: R.M.N., Skillful But Heavy-Handed Xenophobia Drama

Cristian Mungiu uses a cudgel to examine xenophobia in Eastern Europe when a scalpel might have sufficed.

Now Streaming: RUXX, Teetering Toward a More Modern Romania

Cristian Mungiu is an executive producer of a new series from Romania on HBO Max.

Blu-ray Review: A Double Dose of Cristian Mungiu's New Romanian Cinema Comes to the Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection works its way through both a long list of canon classics from the history of film, and a parallel track of what it considers to be the most important voices in world cinema today. This gives us...

Tribeca 2018 Review: LEMONADE, Male Toxicity Contaminates the Promised Land

The feature debut by Ioana Uricaru is a Romanian New Wave shrouded as U.S. indie.

Cannes 2016 Review: GRADUATION Fails To Engage

Cristian Mungiu's film Four Months, Three Weeks, 2 Days heralded the Romanian New Wave when it won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2007. His other features have since played at the festival, and his latest, Graduation, is in competition,...

Director Cristian Mungiu Takes Us BEYOND THE HILLS In This Exclusive Featurette

It's funny the films I can get so enthusiastically, heck almost manically fanboy-ish about. Much of that kind of energy is reserved for the Spider-Mans and Batmans of the world, but for me it's usually something like... well, Cristian Mungiu's...

Vancouver 09: TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE Review

[Our thanks to Andrew David Long for the following word from the Vancouver International Film Festival.]Starting with its debut in Cannes this spring, TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE has built a reputation as a sharply written collection of stories sourced...