Friday One Sheet: OCCUPIED CITY

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Friday One Sheet: OCCUPIED CITY

There are many ways to make a piece of key art. Be it a minimalist totem or icon from the film, those adventure blockbuster collages, be it photoshop or hand-painted, the surreal Dada-ist Polish style, or simply a shot of the close-up or single frame from the film. Obviously there are many more, but these come up again and again, and never seem to go out of style.

If I had to have a preference, the single snapshot (which I used to call the Korean-style, after many of these lightly touched photos comprised key art for Korean films in the early 21st century -- albeit that label can be a bit reductive given the wide breadth of that countries current cinema) tableaux is probably my favourite. And that is what is done here for Steve McQueen's World War II film comprised of scenes and moment re-enactments of Amsterdam, a documentary-thriller, Occupied City.  

This urban winter landscape scene offers little indication of the horrors to be coming to The Netherlands in World War II. I like the downward angle, a girl on her belly, a stray sled. It gets very The Zone of Interest-y very quickly, with its white negative space at the bottom, in contrast to Jonathan Glazer's film poster having black negative space at the top. Coincidences aside, this poster, and I have no doubt the film, given its iconoclast director, will have its own tone. 

Design house P+A have given the poster a grainy sort of look, which is a subtle indicator that Occupied City was shot on 35mm film.  

Note: The recently released trailer for the film is also embedded below.


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