Friday One Sheet: PENNY PINCHED

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Friday One Sheet: PENNY PINCHED

This wonderfully minimalist key art, for Kat Cayton G's avant garde short Penny Pinched, was designed by LA illustrator (and podcaster) Tori Huynh. With falling tennis balls (one on a string for some reason) on a sky-blue field above, prone protagonist (Rielle Li) lays down on a jacket in a way to suggest angels' wings.

Couple that with a clean, skinny font for the title, which dominates a slightly lower-than-middle positioned credit block, and you have something that feels both highly intentional, and fiercely uncluttered.

What is the short film about?  Here is the vague Vimeo description: "A twentysomething moonlighter continually entraps herself in society's web of lies." Like any good poster, I want to see the film regardless, as this singular design has completely pulled me in.

Do you have to wait to see it at a festival? Not at all. I have embedded the short film below, which completely lives up to its expectations with image heavy, experimental narrative, and superb cinematography and score.


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