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Friday One Sheet: FLORIDA MAN

Well these are a lot of fun, and they popped up online mere minutes after this column was published last week. Better late than never. Florida Man appears to be a kind of Midnight Run caper, set in the craziness...

Review: CLEMENTINE Delivers Wrenching, Post-Breakup Drama

Otmara Marrero and Sydney Sweeney star in writer-director Lara Jean Gallagher's debut feature.

CLEMENTINE: Coming-of-Age Psychological Thriller Heads to Virtual Cinemas

Emerging from last year's Tribeca Film Festival, Clementine sounds like a fine candidate for a genre-mash good time when it opens in virtual cinemas next week. "Reeling from a one-sided breakup," according to the official synopsis, "anguished Karen (Otmara Marrero)...