"Nobody F##ks With The Girls From Pang" in First Footage From Nyla Innuksuk's SLASH/BACK

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"Nobody F##ks With The Girls From Pang" in First Footage From Nyla Innuksuk's SLASH/BACK
Really super jealous of our Josh right now as he heads into the world premiere of Nyla Innuksuk's sci-fi horror Slash/Back at SXSW today. But to be fair, this is coming full circle for him as he chose Slash/Back as one of his top projects that was presented at Frontieres back in 2018. Go ahead, Josh, you deserve this. 
He's purposely avoided the first footage from Slash/Back that bowed on Deadline yesterday. If you don't feel as adamant about possible spoilers you can have a look for yourself down below. It's a simple clip. In it three of our young heroines come bursting into one of their homes and start stocking up on weapons. It's a wonderful, quick montage of zoom cuts, a familiar execution to genre film fans. 
Clearly we're at the point in the story where they know what's going on and they're about to do something about it. Before they head out though they should put on traditional face tattoos, a centuries old tradition in indigenous communities. A brief search reveals that the V's on their foreheads mean the girls are entering womanhood. 
And they're women on mission, cause 'nobody fucks with the girls from Pang". 
Maika (Tasiana Shirley) and her best friends, Jesse (Alexis Vincent-Wolfe), Leena (Chelsea Pruksy) and Uki (Nalajoss Ellsworth) find their typical summer day — a monotony of 24-hour sunlight — interrupted by aliens threatening their sleepy hamlet.
As the girls head to a party at (the) home (of) the hottest boy in town — Rory Anawak as Thomassie — they have to deal with not just the alien-seeming local boys, but soon with the actual aliens themselves. But these girls have been underestimated their whole lives and, using makeshift weapons and their horror movie knowledge, they show the invaders that “nobody f*cks with the girls from Pang.”
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