CULTURE SHOCK's Gigi Saul Guerrero to Director Santa Muerte Horror Flick For Screen Gems

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CULTURE SHOCK's Gigi Saul Guerrero to Director Santa Muerte Horror Flick For Screen Gems
I know Gigi has said that nothing will ever come between our friendship, that she will never be too famous for me, but at this rate I don't think she is going to have a say in the matter any more. Pretty soon using "But, I'm a friend of hers!" won't get me past her handlers at the door. 
She directed a smack of short films over the years under her Luchagore banner. She directed the award winning web series La Quinceañera for Warner Bros. She just made her feature debut with Culture Shock, a chapter of the Blumhouse/Hulu series Into the Dark. She signed a first-look film and TV deal with Blumhouse after that, directed the season finale of season two of their show The Purge, and still found time to lay a verbal and physical beat down at Fantastic Fest at the end of last month. What can't Guerrero do? 
Now, Deadline is reporting that Screen Gems has hired Guerrero to direct an untitled film based on the Mexican mythology of Santa Muerte. Her regular writing collaborator Shane McKenzie wrote the most recent draft of the script. 
Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, often shortened to Santa Muerte and Spanish for Our Lady of Holy Death, is an idol in Mexican and Mexican-American folklore. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees.
This is going to be awesome for Guerrero because she can once again work on a project that centers around her Mexican roots. It's going to piss off the same ignoramuses whose own bigotry got in the way of enjoying her previous work, but it's going to delight her fans and the rest of the World.
It would be awesome if the film could, as the article reports, "...hatch a franchise for the Latin and global genre market". We shall see. 
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