Friday One Sheet: MISUMISOU

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Friday One Sheet: MISUMISOU

Blood in the snow and negative space are on order for this quad-style Japanese poster for  adaptation of Misumisou (or its floral english title, Hepatica Nobilis). The manga was published from 2007 to 2009 and essayed a hyper-violent horror-revenge story of a young girl new to a small town who has to deal with a psychotic series of local bullies while her school is in the midst of a shutdown (from lack fo students).

The white (or rather off-white) poster here puts our lead character, clothed in crimson, on the right; dwarfed by the open, endless, snowy landscape. Red is always an eye grabber and a closer inspection reveals she is glancing at the boy across the blood splattered title, who is in turn facing us. An accusation perhaps? 

While the manga (and the film's trailer) is full of over-the-top cartoony violence, the minimalist poster here, evokes a more quiet, almost melancholy, affair, along the lines of the Zellner Brothers' Sundance hit, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter. False advertising? No matter, it is lovely. 

Want more emphasis on blood in the snow? Here is the more traditional portrait poster for Misumiso.


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