Watch: Ansel Elgort And Eiza González On Edgar Wright's BABY DRIVER

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Watch: Ansel Elgort And Eiza González On Edgar Wright's BABY DRIVER

Edgar Wright’s latest film, Baby Driver, is a fantastic beast, with some of the most intense car chases in recent memory, as well as a tasty soundtrack that basically never stops and that is used in the most precise way. Since the movie is now playing in Mexico under the title Baby: El aprendiz del crimen, I interviewed two of its protagonists: Ansel Elgort and Eiza González.

Elgort plays the titular character, a master driver who is ready to leave crime and get together with the girl of his dreams (Debora, played by Lily James) after being used for many years by Doc, an extremely dangerous criminal (Kevin Spacey). Due to a car crash, Baby has suffered from tinnitus since he was a little boy, hence he listens to music all the time in order to deal with his condition.

On the other hand, González is Darling, a crazy criminal who works together with her boyfriend Buddy (Jon Hamm), a former businessman who now is part of Doc's gang of robbers.

You can watch below my interview with both Elgort and González; we discuss the humanity of their characters, Wright’s well-documented cinephilia, the magnificent stunt team they worked with, their favorite songs from the OST, and even the so-called Cornetto Trilogy.

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