Our Favorite Faces Of Matthew McConaughey

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Our Favorite Faces Of Matthew McConaughey
This week brings the delayed premiere of famous screenwriter and director Stephen Gaghan's Gold. It's the fictional retelling of the Bre-X mining scandal, in which the company soared to fame and riches as it appeared to own a huge goldmine in Indonesia, though questions arose when core drilling samples appeared to have been tampered with.

It's an interesting story for sure, made more interesting by having Matthew McConaughey play the role of Kenny Wells, the lead who is quite obviously based on Bre-X' founder David Walsh. For the generally rather fit (cough-understatement-cough) McConaughey it meant playing a fat, bald guy with a crazy set of dentures, but then again we've seen him do physical transformations quite well in the past.

Which brings us to favorite performances. When do you think Matthew McConaughey was at his best? The guy is responsible for some iconic memes for sure, but maybe there are some underrated gems in his resume you'd like to point to? So chime in, in the comments below!

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