Our Favorite Faces Of Sean Astin

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Our Favorite Faces Of Sean Astin
It's a new year, bringing resolutions and changes for everybody. Some things disappear, some new things will pop up, some existing things will... change. And one of the things that will change is our regular Friday celebrity quiz, which we called "The Many Faces Of...". Frankly, after almost 200 episodes, we're stopping it as a regular item.

While doing those quizzes was hopefully as fun as writing them was, discussing the featured actors, their great roles, their best roles, discovering new films... that was even better, in our opinion. So this year, we're changing the format somewhat. On each Monday, we'll pick an actor or actress whose film will premiere that week, or who is in the spotlight for some other reason. And, like with the Tuesday "Question of the week", we ask you what films you like that actor best in.

Kicking off what's hopefully a long and fruitful series is the great Sean Astin, who (together with his daughter Ali Astin) stars in Ben Browder's Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, based on a graphic novel by Barry Wernick, Matthew Spradlin and Anthony Vargas. It will premiere this Friday the 13th and you can see the trailer below.

So, what are your favorite performances by Sean Astin? Was it one of his child roles, his work on the Lord of the Rings films, or something more recent? Chime in, in the comments below!

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