Crowdfund This: TAXIDERMIA Director Finishes New Project, Needs Some Pushing

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Crowdfund This: TAXIDERMIA Director Finishes New Project, Needs Some Pushing
Hungarian award-winning cult director György Pálfi is preparing a new feature, For Ever, and needs some financial backing for the post-production phase. Principal photography is mainly over and the footage will be soon hurled into the editing room. Pálfi is asking for a reasonable amount of $40,000, which is destined for editing, CGI, color grading, sound editing, foley and music rights. 

For Ever is about a post-apocalyptic Hungarian village where everything is rotten and only alcohol moves people around. No money, no electricity: only barter. In this wasteland Ocsenas is the one who helps out. The only living hero is trying to survive savages and war inside a romantric triangle that defines his days to come.

Now, the fact that a cult director has turned to crowdfunding has become more common; recent examples include Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Abel Ferrara for his Jung-inspired project Siberia. though Pálfi is somewhat different is that he has had a hard time getting backing in his home country. As a result, he's challenging in making films, despite hoarding awards from various corners of the world. 

The director was set to a make historical epic, Toldi, necessitating an appropriately epic budget (some five times the average Hungarian project). Even though everything seemed fine and dandy, the Hungarian National Film Fund on 14 October last year rejected supporting Toldi, and awarded subsidies had to be withdrawn. 

According to some accounts, the fund´s veto might have been sparked by increasing tension between the director and the government film commissioner, Budapest-born Rambo producer Andy Vajna, because of what Pálfi perceived as Vajna´s intervening in creative judgments. The same song, or elegy, accompanied the twisted comedy Free Fall when the Jeonju International Film Festival (with the Jeonju Digital Project initiative) came to the rescue and the result was definitely not disappointing. 

The collective responsibility kicks in to not let such a talent perish keeping him at what he does best. The contributions on the post-production expenses can be made over at Indiegogo, naturally in exchange for some tempting perks, and György Pálfi will surely and deeply appreciate them as well as his followers.
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