Pixar's Cars trailer online. Git-R-Done!!!

Editor, News; Toronto, Canada (@Mack_SAnarchy)


Yeeeehaw. Thank you ComingSoon for linking us to trailer for the seventh and fingers-crossed-and-hope-to-die last colaboration between the amazing Pixar Studios and the dunderheads over at Disney.

Cars is not due for another year but when we all go see The Incredibles we'll get to see trailer for Pixar's next project Cars. Along with that other trailer that everyone seems to be talking about. Oh what was the name of that movie again? It's on the tip of my tongue. Nope. Lost it.

Or, if you can't wait to go to the cinema and you're geeking out right here why not go over this site right now and watch the first Cars trailer for yourself?

Now, if you'll excuse me, for some strange reason I now have to urge to watch some Blue Collar TV.


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