Pretty Packaging: Behold The KILL LA KILL Killer Boxset Box

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(Anime Ltd. has provided one box to fit them all...)

Scottish distributor Anime Ltd. had a nice surprise when it released the third boxset for the series Kill La Kill: not only did it complete the series, it also came with a big black box to fit all three boxsets. I've made it no secret that I loved the series and was happy with the previous two boxsets (seen here and here), so this was a very nice way to cap it off.

Which gave me an idea: instead of doing a "Pretty Packaging" on just the third boxset, let's do one for all three together! Here is a gallery of shots from the Kill La Kill killer boxset box, with maybe a bit of emphasis on the physical extras of the third boxset. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of one to see a bigger version!

(A note: this box comes with the Kill La Kill boxset 3, but does not contain the other ones, which need to be bought separately).

And here it is: a big black box of adorned cardboard.
There is also some subtle (almost invisible) embossing in the blacks.

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