Have Your Say: Do We Really Want Trailers This Far Ahead?

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Have Your Say: Do We Really Want Trailers This Far Ahead?
Every week sees the release of plenty of trailers and teasers, but the past seven days or so have been really extraordinary. With the second Avengers film about to be released, everyone was talking of Star Wars, and Batman vs. Superman. By checking our traffic, we here at ScreenAnarchy get a decent impression of just how big the impact of a good trailer can be.

Generally, we love trailers. Sure, we'll gripe about them, about spoilers, about how a film looks like crap, about hype. We'll gripe about trailers being all edited the exact same way, how they are sometimes excruciatingly misleading, or get the tone wrong on purpose. We'll gripe about marketing people who do not understand these are not the seventies anymore, when people would just get a glimpse and see it once, maybe twice (these days, fans will close-examine trailers frame by bloody frame, and discuss their findings in forums). We'll gripe about teasers for trailers. We'll gripe, but we will also watch, and share, and spread brand recognition.

One thing notable about last week's "battle of the film adverts" was the sheer amount of time left until the end product will be there for us to buy. Getting a heads-up for Jurassic World, or Terminator Genisys, or Fantastic Four makes sense at the moment, a scant few months before their premieres, but Star Wars in Christmas? Or Batman vs. Superman next year?

Which brings me to this week's question: while it may always be fun to know what studios are planning for the next decade or so, do we, deep in our hearts, really want to see potentially spoilerific materials years in advance?

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