This First FURIOUS 7 Trailer Makes You Wish Your Family Was Like This

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This First FURIOUS 7 Trailer Makes You Wish Your Family Was Like This
So. The first trailer for the seventh film in the Fast and the Furious franchise dropped like an atomic bomb today! If there were any concerns that the departure of Justin Lin, who, let's be honest here, turned this franchise from a mockfest into a bonafide box office goldmine, was going to mean weaker entries then fear no more. Furious 7 looks to be in very good hands with James Wan now at the helm; and writer Chris Morgan is dreaming up crazier shit all the time. 

You get your brief glimpse of Tony Jaa in the back of a bus loaded to the nines with mini guns popping out of the luggage compartments. You will see Dwayne Johnson let loose with a mini gun of his own. You got Vin Diesel and his 'family' backing their cars out of an airplane. And you have Paul Walker running up the side of said bus, which is slipping over the edge of a canyon, and leaping in time to grab the bumper of Michelle Rodriguez's car! Holy cats! 

These movies are the very definition of guilty pleasure and Furious 7 looks to be another wildly entertaining time at the movies next April!
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