Ithaca 2014: First Wave, Including TIME LAPSE, KILLERS, And LATE PHASES

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Ithaca 2014: First Wave, Including TIME LAPSE, KILLERS, And LATE PHASES
Our friends down in Ithaca, New York have been busy preparing for their third annual festival. Today they announced the first wave of titles and there are a lot of festival favorites in the first wave. 

The Ithaca crowd will get to see Bradley King's Time Lapse, The Mo Brothers' Killers, and Adrian Garcia Bogliano's Late Phases among others. There will also be a retrospective program titled Witchcraft in Popular Imagination. Retrospective screenings include The Wicker Man (the good one) and The Exorcist

Of course it would not be the Ithaca Int'l Fantastic Film Festival without a terrific illustrated poster. You will find a larger version below in all its baby-sacrificing glory. (Remember that you can click on it below to embiggen it.)

The Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival will return to Ithaca, NY from November 12 to 16!

The Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (IIFFF) will present its 3rd edition in November, offering a newly-expanded lineup to more fully represent fantastic film culture for not just genre fans, but for films lovers in general! Between our retrospective, fantastic film competition, miniseries, special concerts and parties, there is sure to be something for everyone. 

This year's retrospective will focus on Witchcraft in Popular Imagination, in collaboration with the Johnson Museum's exhibition: "Magic and Surrealism".  As part of this retrospective, a cinema concert of Christensen's Haxan: Witchcraft through the ages (1922) with an original score by the New York based band Transit, will be held in Cornell University's Sage Chapel. 

With a selection of 29 feature films from all over the world, the IIFFF's fans will get a privileged, and comprehensive view of the best of 2014 in Fantastic movies! Check out our first wave of films and stay tuned for more news soon!

Hugues Barbier- Artistic Director

First wave of films includes:

Der Samourai (Til Kleinert, 2014. Germany)

The Midnight Swim (Sarah Adina Smith, 2014. USA)

Time Lapse (Bradley King, 2014. USA)

Killers (Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto- Mo Brothers, 2014. Indonesia/Japan)

Bloody Knuckles (Matt O'Mahoney, 2014- Canada)

Late Phases (Adrian Garcia Bogliano, 2014- USA)

Retrospective: Witchcraft in popular imagination

Haxan: Witchcraft in popular imagination-Cine-concert (Benjamin Christensen, 1922. Sweden)

White Zombie (Victor Halperin, 1932. USA)

Black Sunday (Mario Bava, 1960. Italy)

Witchfinder General (Michael Reeves, 1968. UK)

The Wicker Man (Robin Hardy, 1968. UK)

The Exorcist (, 1973. USA)
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