Get Behind the Scenes of IP MAN 2

Get Behind the Scenes of IP MAN 2
The official site for Wilson Yip's highly anticipated Ip Man 2 has been updated with the latest two making-of videos, featuring a behind the scenes look at the restaurant set where Ip Man accepts a challenge from Hung Chun-nam, a Hung Gar master played by Sammo Hung and the boxing arena set for the grand finale where Ip Man takes a righteous stand against Twister, the ruthless British boxer played by stunt actor Darren Shahlavi.  There is no English subtitles unfortunately but any chance I get to see Donnie Yen work his amazing Wing Chun artistry is well worth my time. For me, its akin to watching a magician pull a rabbit out of his hat.

The theatrical release date is on April 29th.  You'll find the four making-of videos embedded below.
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