Poster and Stills O'Plenty for IP MAN 2

Poster and Stills O'Plenty for IP MAN 2
A teaser poster and a batch of photo stills for Wilson Yip's martial arts biopic Ip Man 2 with Donnie Yen has turned up at Dream Movie OzAsianCinema.  Some of the shots reveal some familiar faces from the first installment as well as some never before seen foes including a British boxer played by "Gweilo" martial arts actor Darren Shahlavi.  Also worth noting is a single photo within the set that contains what I speculate is our very first look at a young Bruce Lee.  The kid standing near the door doing the thumbs-up swipe gesture is a dead giveaway.   

The theatrical release date is on April 29th.  You'll find the poster and stills in the gallery below.
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