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Blu-ray Review: With Bittersweet Timing, Criterion Unveils MELVIN VAN PEEBLES: ESSENTIAL FILMS

The five-disc set holds six feature films and abundant additional material to honour the late director, a voracious and pluralistic cinematic voice.

Blu-ray Review: THROW DOWN, Get Back Up Again, Says Johnnie To

Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying and Tony Leung Ka-fai star in a very personal Johnnie To film, now available on a splendid Criterion Collection Blu-ray.


A trifecta of goodies await discerning cinema enthusiasts.

Criterion in October 2021: ONIBABA, DEVI, RATCATCHER Present New Scary Season Options

In the middle of a newly expanded blockbuster season, I'm in the mood for Criterion. The specialty label announced their upcoming, atypical arthouse releases for the stereotypical scary season (i.e. October 2021), and the first one that jumps out at...

Blu-ray Review: Criterion's PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET Provokes

Pickup on South Street was released in 1953 and directed by Samuel Fuller (The Baron of Arizona, The Crimson Kimono, Shock Corridor). This 80-minute noir is an in-depth look at the seedier side of society, in which Fuller was well versed....

Blu-ray Review: Criterion Dives Into LA PISCINE

Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin star in a sexy French slow-burn drama.

Blu-ray Review: Criterion Re-explores THE HUMAN CONDITION

What’s to be said about The Human Condition? In the case of the epic-length Japanese film of that title made, plenty. Directed by Masaki Kobayashi (Harikiri) and released in three distinct parts between 1959 to 1961, the whole 579 minutes of The...

Blu-ray Review: Assayas's IRMA VEP Prowls the Criterion Collection

Maggie Chung portrays herself in Olivier Assayas's exploration of filmmaking in the 1990s.

Coming Soon on Criterion: AFTER LIFE, BEASTS OF NO NATION and More Fine Titles

Also in August 2021: 'Ashes and Diamonds' and 'Company.'


This week, the Criterion Collection released Bong Joon-Ho's (Parasite, The Host) Memories of Murder in North America on double-disc Blu-ray and DVD. This film was the Oscar-winner's second feature, and was a huge breakout for him, having topped the South Korean...


Plus: 'The Human Condition,' 'Pickup on South Street' and 'Visions of Eight.'

Blu-ray Review: SMOOTH TALK, Adulthood Can Come Too Fast

Joyce Chopra's Smooth Talk has always stood out among teenage-girl-coming-of-age films for several reasons. It was the filmmaker's fiction narrative debut after a successful career in documentary film; it was Laura Dern's first major leading role; and - though perhaps...

Blu-ray Review: Ramin Bahrani's CHOP SHOP Remains Revelatory, Fifteen Years Later

The visual technique alone is worth the price of this Criterion Blu-ray, and should be studied by filmmakers and cinephiles. 

Criterion in May 2021: FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and Other Modern Cinema Classics

The shattering 'Nightmare Alley' is also heading out, along with 'Flowers of Shanghai,' 'Trances' and 'Merrily We Go to Hell.'

Blu-ray Review: THE ASCENT Remains a Sublime Example of Soviet Cinema

Ukrainan-born filmmaker Larisa Shepitko attended famed Russian cinematography school VGIK, where she was a protoge of Alexander Dovzhenko (Earth) and peer of Andrei Tarkovsky (Solaris, Stalker) and Elem Klimov (Come And See), whom she married and collaborated with. (In fact, after...

Coming Soon on Criterion: MEMORIES OF MURDER, IRMA VEP and Other Good Things

Plus: Godard, Borzage, Mann. No fools in April 2021!

Blu-ray Review: THE HIT, a Funny, Reflective Crime Story

The 1984 film The Hit is out today on Criterion Collection --- and they're having a 50% off flash sale right now, so if you've been waiting to score some awesome box sets, get to it ASAP. (For those of...

Coming Soon on Criterion: MINDING THE GAP, Dylan By Scorsese, Soviet ASCENT

Plus: The final 3 films by Luis Bunuel in a new Blu-ray set.

Friday One Sheet: MANK and the Fake Criterion

The films of David Fincher never let a typeface or design opportunity go to waste. Considering he is recreating a specific Hollywood era - the production of Orson Welles cinematic milestone and political bombshell, Citizen Kane - with his latest...

Blu-ray Review: Claire Denis' BEAU TRAVAIL Is A Last, Best Dance

The first time I saw Claire Denis' Beau Travail -- at a Cinematheque Ontario screening, which must have been long enough ago that it was before the TIFF Bell Lightbox -- I was convinced throughout, and for quite a while...