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Criterion in December 2023: Guillermo del Toro's PINOCCHIO, Plus BLAST OF SILENCE

Also: 'The Red Balloon and Other Stories.'

WALKABOUT 4K Review: Poetry in Motion

Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg, and David Gulpilil star in Nicolas Roeg's solo directorial debut, now in 4K from Criterion.

Criterion in November 2023: Jackie Chan, Martin Scorsese, Claude Chabrol

Plus in 4K UHD: Terrence Malick's 'Days of Heaven' and Peter Bogdanovich's 'The Last Picture Show' and 'Texasville.'

DREAMS 4K Review: Criterion Honours Akira Kurosawa with Inaugural UHD

Earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, 80-year-old Martin Scorsese told Deadline that he finally understood the words of Akira Kurosawa who, upon accepting his honorary Academy award in 1990, said: “I’m only now beginning to see the possibility...

ONE FALSE MOVE 4K Review: Hold Your Breath, Never Relax

Bill Paxton, Cynda Williams, Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Beach star in director Carl Franklin's masterful indie thriller, now in 4K from the Criterion Collection.

AFTER HOURS 4K Review: Clocking in with Criterion

Martin Scorsese's late night fever dream, starring Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Catherine O'Hara, and Teri Garr, is inspired dark comedy.


Physical media buffs, it's that time of the month: The Criterion Collection has announced their releases planned for September 2023.  Nicholas Roeg's Walkabout in 4K is the standout title for me, though it may be that Brett Morgan's trippy tribute to David...

TARGETS Blu-ray Review: Criterion Hits the Mark with Peter Bogdanovich's First Great Film

Boris Karloff headlines Bogdanovich's frightfully apt sniper horror film.

WINGS OF DESIRE Blu-ray Review: Compañero

Wim Wenders directed; Bruno Ganz and Peter Falk star.

CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER Blu-ray Review: Melancholy Romantic Travails

John Heard and Mary Beth Hurt star in director Joan Micklin Silver's 1979 film of romantic obsession, now on Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER: Now on Blu-ray From Criterion

The newly released Blu-ray from Criterion stars John Heard and Mary Beth Hurt.

TIME BANDITS and Pasolini: Catching Up on Criterion in June 2023

Yes, I know I'm late, I'm late to a very important date, but yet, there is still plenty of time for all physical-media devotees to smash piggybanks, turn over mattresses, and otherwise plan June 2023 orders from The Criterion Collection,...

Review: Criterion Presents Three Films by Mai Zetterling

Confrontational and bold, the directorial work of successful actress-turned-filmmaker Mai Zetterling exhibits an almost meta grab of her own career.  Once relegated to starring in male-driven flights of fancy and whatnot, the eventual Swedish expatriate opted in the 1950s to make...

LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY Blu-ray Review: Heroic Brotherhood, Clashing Swords

Directed by John Woo in 1979. Criterion's new disc looks properly awesome.

Blu-ray Review: INDIA SONG and BAXTER, VERA BAXTER, Marguerite Duras Celebrated by Criterion

Marguerite Duras was a renaissance woman. An author, playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker, her life and work spanned the 20th century and yet she is often forgotten by cinephiles, or at least remains something of a footnote, mainly known for her...


As if that weren't enough, Céline Sciamma's 'Petite Maman' is also due for release.

Blu-ray Review: THIS IS NOT A BURIAL, IT'S A RESURRECTION, The Poetics of Resistance

With only one or two 'big' names known, even among cinephines, cinema from sub-saharan Africa has often been neglected both on the festival and the art house cinema circuit. Perhaps also because of the way the filmmakers use the...

Now on Blu-ray: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, Into a Cultural Revolution

Todd Haynes' absorbing documentary gets the Criterion treatment, with choice extras and an audio commentary with the director and the editors.

Blu-ray Review: COOLEY HIGH, The Joys of Black Teen Life

Directed by Michael Schulz and written by Eric Monte, the film stars Glynnis Turman and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs.

Criterion in February 2023: 4K THREE COLORS and DAZED AND CONFUSED Raise the Bar

In the Northern Hemisphere, February finds much of Canada, as well as parts of the U.S., under cover of darkness, snow and ice. The only shining glow comes from the television. If you anticipate this being your lot in life...