Friday One Sheet: SALOUM

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Friday One Sheet: SALOUM

Forget the old Godardian nugget that all you need is a Girl and a Gun.  How about just a big ass gun? The poster for Senegalese supernatural revenge thriller, Saloum, goes for that Sergio Leone western vibe, with a modern, pan-African bent. 

The deal maker here on French artist, Julien Lemoine's design is the hammer and the tagline, which foreground the continent, and LACME Studio's designs on exporting some new genre flavours globally.  The cultural back and forth that comes with the "Once Upon A Time In..." moniker. It is bold and black, on a slightly textured white field, to stand out as much as possible.

The red glove, a key costume design for the lead character of the film, also provides a great space to drop the title, and credit block.

Clean, simple, familiar, but communicating intent.  


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