Friday One Sheet: BABY, DON'T CRY

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
Friday One Sheet: BABY, DON'T CRY

This week, in anticipation of the Fantasia Film Festival coming in August, we have the key art for Jesse Dvorak and Zita Bai's troubled teenager coming-of-age drama, with a dollop of magical realism, Baby, Don't Cry.

Be it hand painted, or photoshop plug-in (it is getting increasingly difficult to tell the difference any more), the image of the title character, Baby, looking just past the viewer, an eponymous tear crawling down one cheek. The film aims to tell a the story from the perspective of Chinese immigrants in Seattle. 

The handsome fox behind her hints at the fantasy elements in the film, without taking away from the emotion or humanity on display. It looks like he is there for moral support, and a bit of mystery.  Further humanizing the film's key art is the hand-printed title text in a muted pink; just enough contrast on that colour to make it pop off the design.  


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