Friday One Sheet: SHIVA BABY

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Friday One Sheet: SHIVA BABY

A good poster finds an iconic image or idea, and removes all the clutter to focus on that. Design company High Council has settled on a mountain of food as a bridal dress, for Emma Seligman's bisexual funeral drama Shiva Baby.

The dim lighting, including background shadows caused by the spotlight, and incongruent image of fashion and whipped food, imply that the ride is going to be challenging and confrontational. And yet, the pink cursive font (with tiny Star of David) contrasts that as almost a formal invitation.  What is a movie poster, other than an invitation from the cinema lobby (or, now, more realistically, a streaming platform interface) to come in and experience the thing?

The direct look at the audience, while presenting the bagel like a formal bauble to be examined, treasured, or at the very least acknowledged, further draws attention into the queer (both literally and figuratively) space that this poster creates.


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