LA PASAJERA (THE PASSENGER): Cast Announced For Spanish Rideshare Horror Flick

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LA PASAJERA (THE PASSENGER): Cast Announced For Spanish Rideshare Horror Flick
Filming of La Pasajera (The Passenger) begins in Spain on August 24th and we were waiting for the cast announcement for the rideshare horror flick to let us know who is on this fateful road trip. 
We’re translating this from the original Spanish and because mi Espanol es muy malo I’ve entrusted the mighty Google to help me. Even then I don’t think we have all this down right. Such is life. For now invoking the names of Carpenter and Cronenberg is a good place to start. I’ll have to reach out to our friends en Espagne to know why mentioning the cities of Cuenca and Albacete is so significant. 
The cast will be led by Ramiro Blas, with roles in Rec 4 Apocalypse and Down a Dark Hall he looks to be the actor with the most genre experience. The rest of the cast is made up of Cecilia Suárez, Beatriz Olivares, Cristina Alcázar and Yao Yao. 
Things get more interesting when you look at the crews behind the scenes. The effects teams included crews that worked on the REC series, Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space and Paco Plaza’s Veronica
What follows is a excerpt from the translated press release. 
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The diverse passage that will travel in the shared-use van in which the film takes place is made up of Ramiro Blas (Rec 4, Vis a Vis, El Internado: Las Cumbres), Cecilia Suárez (La casa de las flores, Los tres entierros de Melquiades Estrada), Beatriz Olivares (Perfect strangers, The heroes of evil), Cristina Alcázar (Tell me how it happened, Love is forever) and Yao Yao (Xiao Xian). 
The technical team of the film is made up of top-notch professionals such as Inside Fx (responsible for the FX makeup of the REC saga), User T38 (Color Out of Space, Veronica) and Alucine (30 coins, La casa de papel). The film is produced by Persons Films, La Dalia Films, SG Productions and Eye Slice Pictures and promises to be a fun and surprising personal work that jumps from laughter to scream without complexes. 
In the words of González Gómez: "It is a terrifying journey at the pace of double passages with which we seek to create an immersive experience for the viewer, who will become one more occupant of our EBRO van." 
According to Cerezo: “It is as if you started in a movie from Berlanga, you went to one from Carpenter and you ended up in one from Cronenberg, imagining that these last two authors were from Cuenca and Albacete, respectively. Debuting like this is a tremendous gift and doing so freely is unthinkable. ”
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