Red Band HOMEWRECKER Trailer: Two People, One House, Many Hazards

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Red Band HOMEWRECKER Trailer: Two People, One House, Many Hazards

How much damage can one woman cause in her own home?

Well, when that woman is Precious Chong, the answer is: quite a lot! In director Zach Gayne's darkly comic Homewrecker, Chong plays Linda, who lives alone and fills her days painting and attending exercising classes. She crosses paths with interior designer Michelle (Alex Essoe, Doctor Sleep), asks for her help, and then makes it very, very difficult for Michelle to leave.

As a point of full disclosure, let me note that I have known director and co-writer Zach Gayne for a few years, and he has contributed to this site for those same few years. I saw his film at Fantastic Fest last year and liked it -- see my review -- so I am pleased that it will be gaining wider exposure when it releases into whatever theaters are available on June 26, and then heading to various Video On Demand platforms and DVD on July 7.

A new red-band trailer has been prepared, which you can watch below. It's NSFW due to some language and some blood making its presence known.

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