Friday One Sheet: TIGERTAIL

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Friday One Sheet:  TIGERTAIL

This warmly toned design for Alan Yang's Netflix debut, Tigertail features lots of negative space and sets a wonderful mood of the freedom of childhood.  It is very similar BLT's teaser design of Kelly Reichardt's First Cow; both sans credit block outside the director's credt. On a personal note, this nearly always a nicer look for key art. 

The bold yellow typesetting indicates art film and indie film simultaneously. This is an American film with a Tawinese origin story, and features a mostly Asian cast, and a lot of the dialogue is in Taiwanese. It is subtly indicated here with the traditional Chinese characters prominently in the poster. The open pail also suggests a new beginning, and perhaps a bit of a struggle.

Full disclosure: I have not seen the film, and am doing what I do, speculate from the key art design and selection.


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