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Review: LOOT, First, You Laugh

The divine Maya Rudolph stars in a snappy comic series, created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, premiering this week on Apple TV+.

Now Streaming: TIGERTAIL, Looking Back and Into the Future

Tzi Ma, Christine Ko, and Lee Hong-Chi star in Alan Yang's bittersweet recollection of regrets and realizations.

Friday One Sheet: TIGERTAIL

This warmly toned design for Alan Yang's Netflix debut, Tigertail features lots of negative space and sets a wonderful mood of the freedom of childhood.  It is very similar BLT's teaser design of Kelly Reichardt's First Cow; both sans credit block...

TIGERTAIL Trailer: Crossing the Years to Make a Connection

The past resides inside each one of us and points the way to our future. Sometimes, though, it forces its way into our present. In the first trailer for Tigertail, from writer/director Alan Yang (Master of None), we see golden...

Streaming Reviews: I LOVE DICK, Season 1; MASTER OF NONE, Season 2

Over the weekend, two notable series made their full-season debuts on competing streaming services. Each confounds, to a degree, assumptions I'd made about the relative strengths (and weaknesses) of those services. Both are definitely worth sampling. A prickly, confrontational affair...