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The French Dispatch of The Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, has this piece of delightful Wes Anderson clutter (in title and design) slash dollhouse-diorama as its first piece of key art.

What has become the norm for the filmmaker, is to highlight the setting of the film and the impressively long list of A-list names that will be appearing in said setting. A lovely comic-book rendition of Bill Murray surveys his realm, how can you not love the idea of Murray as a newspaper man?

Here we have the cover of the newspaper dispatch itself mixed with architecture of Anderson's fantasia version of a French city. I like the notion of 'glue-press binding' on the left side of the poster (it reminds me of those Little Golden Books, something that Wes Anderson films have begun to resemble.)

Nevertheless, there is lots of detail to pour over before the film is released in July; the cast is so big in this one, that there is a laundry list off to the lower right. Many of the regulars make some sort of appearance. The credit block occupies most of the bottom of the sheet, but there is a lovely bit of placement of the director's credit in the teal skyline, the city's lone sharp tower pointing the way.

Meanwhile there is a bloody butcher standing out in the street, the cops are on the move, there is an unknown lady in a wheelchair on the roof of one of the buildings and a black cat on another. You can get lost in this poster all day.


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