Friday One Sheet: JOJO RABBIT And The Handbill Aesthetic

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Friday One Sheet: JOJO RABBIT And The Handbill Aesthetic

A mixture of techniques in play make for an interesting, photo-free, text heavy poster for Taika Waititi's last film, Jojo Rabbit. The large splashes of text all over the key art looks painted with a wide brush. It being a teaser poster, there is no credit block.

The peace sign which also duals at rabbit ears looks to be a kind of sponge applied, handcrafted rough look. The base of the poster appears to be a paste brushed handbill (complete with applied airbubbles). This echoes the 'fold-line' trend from a decade ago, without appearing like a stale imitation. Quite the contrary, the look feels fresh here.

Going with a textured, dark red background is sure to make this sort of thing stand out in a multiplex frame, if Disney (the parent company of the film, which post-Ragnarok is not any kind of indie like Boy, Eagle vs. Shark, or even Hunt For The Wilderpeople) decides to put it out there without featuring any of the faces of its bonafide movie-stars. 

Jojo Rabbit makes it debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September ahead of its 'Fall' theatrical bow.


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