Friday One Sheet: TRANSIT

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Friday One Sheet: TRANSIT

Part near-future science fiction, and (seemingly) a hybrid remake of both Casablanca and The Passenger, Christian Petzold's Transit is a strange beast of a film. The Boland Design Co. offers a gorgeous, green tinted piece of key art that emphases reflection, light, shadows, and the chance encounter out of the corner of one's eye.

There are three distinct layers to this poster. Our main character, the mysterious shadowy woman, and the window looking over the port of exit in some sort of alternate strong-border Europe. Petzold's movies are invariably about examining the nature of the 20th century division of East and West Germany, through genre filmmaking, and generally through the eyes of strong women (usually, his regular actress Nina Hoss).

This time, however, he focuses on the head space of a mysterious, 'clean slate' kind of guy who decided to help (or possess?) a woman by way of obtaining an exit visa and mode of travel from continental Europe. The key are here captures this surprisingly well, and with a fair degree of photographic style (it is all about the light, folks), and subtlety.  Even the hazy venetian blinds suggest a noir element, which is most definitely present here.

Also: Green. You don't see many green posters (outside of The Matrix sequels and The Grinch.)


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