Friday One Sheet: Tied Up For THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT

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Friday One Sheet: Tied Up For THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT

Lars Von Trier's serial killer miniseries, The House That Jack Built, that got condensed into a feature has a monochrome-palette set of character posters that recall the advertising campaign for Von Trier's last large opus, Nymphomaniac. Indeed, design studio The Einstein Couple did both series (and also the boundary pushing marketing for the pair of underrated Danish comedies, Klovn and its sequel, Klovn Forever.)

Here, if one looks at the entire set, it is not just Von Trier putting his actors into some pretty fantastic contortions (a metaphor as good as any for an actor choosing to work with the envelope pushing Dane), but they are also organized into 'incidents,' presumably the previous structure of the show.  The posters are unusual for their minimalism: no credit block, critics pull quotes, taglines, or the usual garnishments, just the snazzy house-shaped logo for the film, the actors name at the top, the aforementioned incident number, and the director's name at the bottom.


As a show of moral support, the director himself appears tied up in wire at the end of the poster set.


ImpAwards has the entire series.

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