Friday One Sheet: Design Homage in SIBERIA

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Friday One Sheet: Design Homage in SIBERIA

When is a design a homage to an iconic previous design, and when is it just lazy theft? I have no idea if the new Keanu Reeves movie, Siberia, mirrors or echoes content from the 1969 Robert Redford skiing drama. However, the latest poster certainly bears a resemblance.

When the Studio behind Kong: Skull Island, wholesale evoked Apocalypse Now, it was because the film itself was aping (sorry) the structure and the time period.

Maybe design firm Gravillis Inc., are simply fans, and wanted to create a modern take on one of very few great 'floating head' designs (not to mention superb use of negative space). I find it difficult, however, to believe this a coincidence.

Their previous teaser poster for the film rendered a silhouette-Reeves in a Bauhaus-Bass Vertigo spiral.



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